Removable Wallpaper - Moody Triangles

Artist WallsNeedLove

$38.00 USD

Our Moody Triangles Removable Wallpaper lends a cool tone to your favorite wall. Stick it in a high traffic area for truly dynamic results that will have the neighborhood begging you for your secret (it's okay, you can tell them it's us). Adding removable wallpaper to your space is much simpler than painting.

Comes in three roll sizes:
20” x 5ft (51cm x 152cm)
20” x 8ft (51cm x 244cm)
20” x 10ft (51cm x 305cm)

The 5ft roll is perfect as a surface on furniture (shelves, desks, cabinets, etc)!

all wallpaper is non-refundable

Printed On Fab-Tac Adhesive Backed Fabric

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