Emma Trithart's Gluten Free Pale Ale


This was a special commission and part of the reason why our girl, Emma, is so super rad. You see. Life, as a gluten-free person, can be very difficult. We can't have pizza, or pasta, or cookies, or cake. Or beer. NO BEER...EVER. Seriously. I know. Cards of condolence can be sent to our office (as a full 1/4th of us are amongst this unfortunate group of people) at 1016th Ave S Nashville TN 37210. BUT we can have special GF beer. And we can celebrate it by putting it on our wall as a decal. Because life isn't all bad.

Emma Trithart is a woman after our own heart...and not just because pepper jelly with cheese and crackers is also her favorite food. But because her work is light and airy and yet full of substance, beauty and the ability to make us feel instantly at home when we look at it...even if it's just a bottle of beer.

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