wall decals - Discovered in New Mexico Faux Wood


While traveling across the country we stopped in New Mexico and found the inspiration for these faux wooden panel wall decals. It was awesome. We met a man named Boomer who took us to an abandon field where we found piles of these old wooden panels that had previously existed as part of an old home. We took them (with Boomer's permission) and we made many things. We made art and we made war and we made lovely things and now we are bringing them to you. We studied and replicated them and now they are here for you to do with as you please. We even turned them into adhesive wall art to save you from the splinters.

Comes with 12 realistic wood panels ranging from 4.7"x4.7" - 4.7"x14.2" in size. You can arrange them in so many different ways from square shapes to diagonal shapes and beyond (see product images for some examples).

Sheet size: 21"x21"

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