Nursery wall decals - Big-Eyed Baby Owls

Artist Patrick Weber

$28.00 USD

These adorable Big-Eyed Baby Owls may be that thing you need to bring your baby room to the next level. Your kid deserves it, too. The most awesome baby in the world needs the most creative and nurturing environment to spend his or her first months in and WallsNeedLove is here to make sure that we do our part for your child's future, even if it is something as simple as providing your child with a friend that happens to be a Big-Eyed Baby Owl.

Peel, Stick, and Restick these self-adhesive wall decals to decorate your walls and any other flat surface.

Size: 13x39" (33x99cm)

Printed On Fab-Tac Adhesive Backed Fabric

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