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wall decal - Bamboo Garden

Artist WallsNeedLove

$68.00 USD

Bamboo Garden wall decals will add zen to your home. You don't have to be a panda to love these bamboo garden decals! With 5 shoots broken in to thirds you can build 5 floor to ceiling or 15 smaller shoots, mix and match with lucky bamboo tops and an assortment of leaves. Before you know it you will have your very own Japanese-inspired getaway! WNL's modern wall decals have a way of transforming your home without the hassle of paint.

Size: 60" tall x 60" wide (Size can vary depending on layout)

Included: (5) 9 ft. shoots broken into thirds and plenty of extra leaves and lucky bamboo tops.

Printed On Fab-Tac Adhesive Backed Fabric

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