Ali Gulec Circle Trio Adhesive Print

Ali Gulec Circle Trio Adhesive Print

Artist Ali Gulec

$34.00 USD

Ali Gulec's eclectic work is amazing on its own, but when it comes in a trio pack, it's three times the fun. This circle trio combines the "Time Traveler", "DJ" and "Llama Copy" into one adhesive pack that will be perfect for your space. Stack them, line them up, make a diagonal! Have fun with this artist piece.

Ali Gulec is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey whose work is vibrant and often slightly macabre. Featuring everything from floral skulls to the skeletons of nesting dolls, this collection is as unique as it is easy to install. 

Standard: sheet size - 13"x38" (each circle is approx. 13"x13")

Printed On Fab-Tac Adhesive Backed Fabric

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