Adhesive Art Prints from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $12

Twiggy Adhesive Art Print

Gone are the days of hanging prints with "ghetto-tape" and "trashy-tacks". These posters are printed on self-adhesive woven fabric. Like yoga pants...

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Art Prints from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $12

Twiggy Art Print

Classic never goes out of style and Art Prints are the tried and tested way to make a statement in your personal space. Like a vinyl record collect...

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Body Pillow from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle

Twiggy Body Pillow

Style never sleeps, but you'll sleep like a dream with our Body Pillow! From its ultra soft, 100% microfiber cover to it’s amazing comfort and supp...

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Circle Wall Decals from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $24

Twiggy Circle Wall Decal

Don't be such a square! These circular self-adhesive cutouts are simply seductive in appearance. Stick one or stack 3+ for a geometric gallery effe...

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Duvet Covers from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $130

Twiggy Duvet Cover

Fall in love with your bed again with our ultra comfy Duvets. These duvet covers vibrantly feature your favorite designs on top and a soft antique ...

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Fleece Throws from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $38

Twiggy Fleece Throw

Give the gift that keeps on giving. And no, we aren’t talking about a one year membership to the jelly of the month club. We’re talking about our u...

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Headboard Decals from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $48

Twiggy Headboard Decal

Designed to look like the real deal, these adhesive headboard decals are printed on our popular FabTac material — the same material we use for our ...

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Laptop Skins from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle

Twiggy Laptop Skin

There’s a new way to dress your tech with thin, easy-to-remove laptop skins! Skins protect your laptop from scratches and smudges while featuring y...

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Mouse Pad Decals from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle

Twiggy Mouse Pad Decal

Turn your favorite wallpaper design or featured artwork into a fun mouse pad decal for your work space. All mouse pad skins are circular and the pe...

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Outdoor Throw Pillows from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $39

Twiggy Outdoor Throw Pillow

Create a truly unique outdoor space with our beautiful and decorative outdoor pillows. Specially crafted to withstand the elements, this pillow is ...

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Pouches from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $18

Twiggy Pouch

Looking for a stylish makeup bag? Pencil pouch? A catch-all for your travel knick knacks? Enter WNL Pouches. Available in two sizes and styles, our...

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Pouffe from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle

Twiggy Pouffe

“Kick back, relax, and prop your feet up because you have the coolest ottoman in the world.” — That’s what future you is telling present you. Wheth...

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Removable Wallpaper from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $48

Twiggy Removable Wallpaper

Reasonably priced, premium quality wallpaper. Self-adhesive for fast, clean peel and stick application. No messy paste to deal with. Rugged enough ...

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Shower Curtains from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle

Twiggy Shower Curtain

With endless design options, the WNL Shower Curtain pulls double duty. It’s practical, yet stylish and brings a bit of “je ne sais quoi” to your ba...

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Tapestries from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $39

Twiggy Tapestry

It’s a blanket…It’s a sheet…No, it’s a tapestry! Our tapestries are durable and extremely versatile, adding drama and interest wherever they go—jus...

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Throw Pillows from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $28

Twiggy Throw Pillow

Unleash the design power of the throw pillow. Transform any space into a comfy and inviting oasis. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color or ...

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Wall Murals from WallsNeedLove | lifestyle
from $392

Twiggy Wall Mural

Scientists may have perfected the art of the hologram, but we’ve perfected the art of teleportation… Well, sort of. Our removable, adhesive wall mu...

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