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6 Hand Letterers We're Totally Digging Right Now.

I love typography, especially hand lettered typefaces. Unlike classic fonts, I find hand lettered fonts extremely expressive. I feel like I’m seeing a piece of the artist that otherwise gets lost through traditional typography. It's truly an art form all its own! Since I love it so much, I'm always seeking out new lettering artists to fall in love with. Here are a few of our favorites!

1. Lauren Hom

Handl lettering on books by Lauren Hom

I absolutely love Lauren Hom. she’s currently my artist crush. Just take one look at her art and I think you’ll understand why. She’s a Brooklyn based designer and letterer and currently my new artist crush. Just take a look at her art and I think you’ll understand why. She’s unapologetically honest and incredibly talented. Fall in love with more of her hand lettered quips here. 

2. Rob Draper

Rob Draper hand lettering on coffee cup

Rob Draper combines my love of food (let’s face it, Starbucks) and hand lettering to create amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces. Get inspired--and hungry--by his art! 

hand lettering on hot dog by rob draper


3. Emma Trithart

Emma Trithart hand lettered book cover

One of our very own WNL Featured Artists, Emma’s pieces bring out the kid in me. Her work is so full of whimsy and wonderment, I can’t help but be in a cheery mood after looking at it. Though more of an illustrator, Emma often incorporates hand lettering into her illustrations, which I absolutely love.

Good Vibes wall decal by Emma Trithart at Walls Need Love


4. Mary Kate McDevitt

 Snacks Rule by Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate McDevitt is a self-proclaimed “letterstrator” living in Philadelphia, PA. Her lettering style is quirky, intricate and oh so adorable. And did I mention hilarious? Never give up the quirk, Mary Kate. Never! 

Mary Kate McDevitt Hand Lettering


5. Patrick Cabral 

May the Force Be With You hand lettering by Patrick Cabral

Perhaps better known as Dark Gravity, Patrick Cabral is a type artist residing in Manila, Philippines. This guy has some serious skills! Often accompanied with scrolly flourishes his typefaces have so many different personalities. 

hand lettering by Patrick Cabral


6. Tatak Waskitho

Hand Lettering Tatak Waskitho

A designer and letterer from Indonesia, Tatak Waskitho couples unique letterforms with interesting textures, which gives a charming retro feel to his lettering style.

Hand Lettering Tatak Waskitho



We love showcasing and supporting artists whenever we can. For more artist inspiration check out our Artists We Love Pinterest board and don't forget to shop all of our Featured Artists collections on 

January 21, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

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