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5 Tips and Tricks for Easier Wall Decal Application

You should treat adding EasyStripe, a removable wall mural, removable wallpaper, or any wall decals to your home or apartment just like any other home decorating project. With careful planning, a few simple tools and some helpful hints, your project should turn out looking professional

  • Plan! No really, take a while and plan your project. This can mean anything from measuring your space and plotting your project out on paper, to actually drawing pencil marks on your wall. When you plan your project out in advance—even before you purchase your wall decals or stripes—you are more likely to reduce waste, reduce costs, and reduce your hassle.

Plan your space carefully--polka dots 

Here is a sample plan of a 9.5'x12.5' room with polka dots spaced 1' apart. 

  • Gather your tools. Important tools can include a laser level, painter’s tape, a straight edge (a ruler or the side of a plastic notebook should suffice) and a utility knife. You may also want to use a tape measure and a buddy, because aligning and hanging decals is best done with precision and in groups.

Wall decal application tools

  • Painter’s Tape is your friend. You’re not going to be painting, but you will want to tape your design to the wall before you commit to the stick, especially with all Classic Vinyl wall decals. When applying EasyStripe products, try measuring out how much you need, taping them into place with the paper backing still attached, and then smoothing the product down with the enclosed squeegee.
  • Overlap and score for great seams. Whether you are applying wallpaper or EasyStripe, use the overlap and score method for beautiful corners and seams. Removable wallpaper is designed to overlap ¼” on both sides, which can leave you with dark lines running down your wall. Remedy this by scoring the Fab-Tac in a straight line through both pieces, and lift away the excess from above and below. A similar method can be used for both removable wallpaper and EasyStripe in corners and when making angles with EasyStripe. In the pictures below two different size stripes and two different colors are used so you can see the process.

Apply stripes over one anotherApply stripes over one another

Score stripes with straight edgePeel away excess from top and bottom

Lay stripes flat against one another on your seam

  • Go slowly! Please please please, for the love of all things adhesive, go slowly during both application and removal of decals. Many a wall and design can be saved with a little patience. If you’re unsure about whether your wall will hold the product, order a sample! If you are afraid that the product will take the paint off your wall, order a sample! Please also remember that heat and humidity fluctuations affect the adhesive levels of any product, so think carefully about where you will place your design.
Most of all; enjoy your design. Wall decals are about temporary and fun design. Check out our inspiration and FAQ pages for more ideas or if you have any questions!

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