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WallsNeedLove and The Birth Hour Have Partnered to Support Mothers Everywhere.

When I first met Bryn Huntpalmer it was as a blogger for her Texas lifestyle blog, Her Own Wings, at a camp for bloggers called TxSC. We became fast friends and bonded over our passion for healthy food options for little ones. Over the last year and a half I’ve watched her attentions shift to her new project, “The Birth Hour.” It first caught my attention on Instagram with a picture of a live birth. It was magical, and real, and surreal and one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. There was a note in the description that said Instagram would likely take the image down before long and the hashtag #normalizebirth. It struck me all at once that a) I had never seen an image like that before, 2) that it was odd that I hadn’t and 3) it seemed wrong to label it as “graphic” and take it down, lumping it in with all the other inappropriate images on the web. It made an impression on me and I knew it was a cause I wanted to support.

The Birth Hour supports and empowers women on their birth journey.

“The Birth Hour” Podcast works to help inform thousands of women every day about their birthing options and to normalize and open a dialogue about the various birthing experiences of women across the country (and the world). This mother’s day we are partnering with Bryn to help provide safe births to mothers in need via a specially designed tote for sale on her website. “For every tote purchased, 20% of the proceeds will go towards the programs that Every Mother Counts supports, which link women to critical maternal healthcare in the U.S. and around the world.”


We couldn’t be more proud of this podcast, of Bryn and of our partnership together. I highly recommend checking out her Instagram. It’s a rabbit hole you’ll be glad you went down.

Mothers, we celebrate you! Happiest of days to you. Regardless of how you got here, your story matters and you matter.

Every Mother Counts.

May 02, 2016 by Elizabeth Moore

Influencer Spotlight: Meet Merrick White of Merrick's Art

Meet Merrick: The blogger behind Merrick's Art and collaborator with WallsNeedLove

Meet Merrick White, the fashionista and creative force behind the blog, Merrick's Art. She takes on amazing home projects -- ahem! That striped Easy Stripe ceiling in her son's nursery -- and looks fabulous while doing it! When browsing her blog there are a few things that are obvious: Her taste is impeccable. Her aesthetic, sophisticated and her projects, unbelievably creative. But, being the curious bunch of creatives that we are, we had to know more about Merrick, her process, and some of her favorite things.

Merrick used WallsNeedLove's vinyl wall striping on her ceiling! So cool!


Her blogging journey began back in 2008 as a way to document her art while finishing her final year at BYU. Eight years later, she's still inspiring others with her DIY's, seamstress skills, and chic style.

This striped ceiling is amazing! We love how @merricksart used a vinyl (no-paint) wall striping called Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove.

Get to know Merrick White

WallsNeedLove interview with Merrick White of Merrick's Art"I'm a mama to three little boys, Benson (5) and Foster (3), and Sanford (6 weeks). My husband and I and our little family live in Orange County, California, where we try to spend as much time at the beach as possible. In addition to being a mom, I'm a style and sewing blogger over at my blog, Merrick's Art, where I teach women how to build a great closet, even better outfits, and teach women how to make amazing handmade clothing and other fun DIY projects!"

WNL: What do you love most about blogging? 

I love the creative outlet it gives me. I absolutely love being a mom and that's fulfilling in so many ways, but having a space that pushes me to create and share my passion of styling and sewing is priceless for me. Plus I've met so many amazing people and had so many opportunities through blogging -- there's so much to love, it's hard to pick just one thing!

WNL: Where do you look for/find inspiration? (Bloggers? Magazines? Pinterest boards? etc.)








MW: All of the above. We also travel a lot and love to look for decor inspiration in the hotels we stay in. We even wander into other neighboring hotels sometimes to check out their lobby areas for inspiration! 

WNL: Describe your personal decor style in 140 characters or less.

MW: Contemporary chic. And as much white as having children allows ;)Merrick used WNL's World Map Vinyl Decal on her sons' bedroom wall and it's adorable.

WNL: Is there one decor rule that you will never break?

MW: If I knew all the decor rules, I'd probably break less of them. For now, we're winging it based on what we love!

WNL: Are there any crazy out there design trends you're currently coveting?

MW: I love all the tropical greenery that people are incorporating into their home decor right now. I'm trying to jump on the wagon with that one, but I have such a black thumb! 

WNL: What's one design trend you love, but have been to afraid to try?

MW: Wallpaper! But the Walls Need Love removable wallpaper is totally changing my mind. I'm obsessed. 

WNL: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

MW: That's so tough. But lately I'm on an acai bowl kick and I'm pretty sure I'll never ever get sick of them. 

WNL: What is one social network you could never give up?

MW: Instagram! 

WNL: If you weren't a full-time blogger, what would you want to be?

MW: In a dream world? My husband and I always talk about wanting to be hotel critics and travel the world to try out amazing new hotels. 

Shop Merrick's "Contemporary Chic" Collection

Triangle Mini Pack Vinyl Wall Decals by WallsNeedLove  Plus Sign Mini Pack Vinyl Wall Decals  Coronata Star Mini Pack Vinyl Wall Decals
WallsNeedLove Vinyl World Map in black  WallsNeedLove Summer Birch Tree Wall Decals
Shop Realistic Brick Removable Wallpaper from WallsNeedLove  Easy Stripe by WallsNeedLove

Keep up with Merrick on her blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!
April 22, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

A Sale So Good You'll Think It's A Prank

I Pity The Fool by Alpha-Tone on WallsNeedLove

Happy April Fools! It’s typical of April 1st to be filled with highly intricate pranks and hijinx. But this year, we’re absolutely, positively, 100% not joking about this. We’ve got 15% off of the ENTIRE STORE ALL WEEKEND LONG! Seriously. It's pure fool's gold!

Just use code: NOJOKE15.

April 01, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

6 of Our Top Room Transformations Using Mini-Packs

If you aren’t a fan of our Mini-Packs yet, you will be. Our Mini-Packs are one of the easiest ways to add a little pizazz to your walls without spending hours meticulously painting each shape. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 6 room transformations using our adorable decals.

Smile and Wave created the cutest little girl's room using WallsNeedLove Coronata Star Wall Decal Mini-Pack.

via Smile and Wave

We're seeing stars with this colorful and modern bedroom makeover. It's almost too cute to handle... Almost.



Personally, I think every nursery should have gold on the ceiling. Our Polka Dot Wall Decals help keep the room light and airy.


Modern Scandinavian inspired nursery using WallsNeedLove decals via The Sweetest Digs.

via The Sweetest Digs

Is it just me or does this look like it came straight out of an Ikea catalogue? So much love for this room, and can you believe that Gemma was 35+ weeks pregnant when she finished the decal wall? It's that easy, people!


Craft Room Reveal using Perfectly Imperfect Dot Vinyl Wall Decals by WallsNeedLovecraft-room-makeover-using-walls-need-love-mini-pack-wall-decals

via The Winthrop Chronicles

Give Sarah of The Winthrop Chronicles and room and our Perfectly Imperfect Mini-Packs and there's nothing she can't do. 



Okay, so this isn't exactly a "room" but it's still -- I wish my closet was this adorable! 


Silver Coronata Star Vinyl Wall Decal Mini Pack by WallsNeedLove

via Maiedae

Nothing adds a bit of whimsy quite like our Coronata Star Mini-Pack Wall Decals. We've been obsessed with this nursery by Maiedae for some time. The stars are subtle, but they're the perfect finishing touch!

 And there you have it, a few of our favorite rooms using our Mini-Pack vinyl wall decals. Whether you decide to use them on one wall or sprinkle them throughout, you really can't go wrong with these adorable decals. Shop more styles and colors now and start creating!

Influencer Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth Mayberry of Oak + Oats

At WallsNeedLove, we love engaging and collaborating with influencers within the digital space. They help to bring new perspectives to our brand. But, it’s far more than just the awareness they help raise for our brand. It’s about building relationships too.

Elizabeth Mayberry of Oak + Oats Influencer Spotlight via @wallsneedlove

A few months ago we had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth from Oak + Oats to help
makeover her hallway. Her dedication to community, passionate spirit and daily doses of encouragement--not to mention her adorable DIYs--are what make her an authentic voice in the blogosphere. With nearly six years of blogging under her belt, she’s become a blogging and design pro. We couldn’t resist asking her just a few questions. 

Get to know, Elizabeth Mayberry, the face and voice behind Oak + Oats.

A Hallway Makeover with WallsNeedLove and Oak + Oats

WNL: With so many new trends on Pinterest it’s hard to pick just one, but which interior design trend are you currently crushing on?

EM: Bright & White! I am loving all the natural lighting, bright spaces, and white spaces! I'm trying to figure out how to save up for a Kitchen remodel - I'm crushing on all those white kitchens

Elizabeth Mayberry of Oak and Oats blog

WNL: When doing these projects around your home, what is your go-to interior design style?

EM: I've gone through a couple phases & styles trying to figure out what fits me best. I've recently started to fall into my grove. It is a little bit of a Scandinavian style with lots of art on my walls, fun pops of bright color in pillows & throws, and clutter free spaces.

WNL: Walk me through you process when coming up with content and DIY and design projects for your blog?

EM: I usually start by identifying a problem (ex. that wall looks boring, the windows need curtains, the laundry room needs to be more effective & cute..) Then I start brainstorming what could fit there and what I would like the space to look like. During this time is when I read all the blogs & pin all the things on Pinterest! I make decisions, purchase items, and get set creating the space! I make sure to find a time where my husband and I can do it together so that he can help me with all the heavy things & also help with the photo taking for the blog!

WNL: Trendy home decorating can be expensive. What’s the best advice you can give someone who wants to incorporate stylish design trends on a budget?

EM: Do one room at a time. It is so easy to get caught up in the pressure to do everything at once. We have lived in our house almost 4 years and there is still one room that we haven't really started. I encourage you to make your entertaining spaces the top priority and let other rooms wait their turn! Be realistic with your budget and see what you can do within that to create a space - I find adding some paint on the walls, throwing new pillows on the couch, and adding a piece of art or a focal wallpapered wall can make a huge statement without attacking your pocket book! 

Shop Elizabeth’s WNL Top Picks

Shop Elizabeth's Favorite WNL Products

1. Lightning Bolt Mini-Pack Wall Decals
2. Emma Trithart's Fleurs Bleu Poster
3. Emma Trithart's Good Vibes Poster
4. Leah Flores' Wild Things Wall Decal
5. Watercolor Cactus Removable Wallpaper
6. Emma Trithart's Good Morning Poster
7. Afternoon Blooms Patterned Letter Wall Decals

Keep a look out for more awesome projects from Elizabeth on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
March 16, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

Beyond the Wall: A Chic Kitchen Island Makeover

We love helping make your four walls the best they can be with our removable wallpaper and decals, but sometimes the best transformations aren’t on walls at all. Seeing our customers get innovative with our products is one of the coolest things for us as a company. So, naturally when we saw this kitchen island makeover by one of our lovely customers using our Retro Nouveau removable wallpaper we kind of lost our minds. Just kidding. We’re all relatively sane here, but how cute is this idea? And soooo easy.

Kitchen island makeover using removable wallpaper by @wallsneedlove

What do you all think? Is this something you can see yourself recreating? Or have a super unique wallpaper project of your own?

March 14, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

DIY in 25: Easy Flower Pot Update


DIY in 25: Easy Flower Pot Update via @wallsneedlove

Spring is just around the corner and to say that we are excited would be a drastic understatement. If we’re being honest, we can’t freaking wait!! But while we’re waiting for the lovely flowers to bloom outside, we decided to bring a little botanical love inside with these cute DIY planters. They’re suuuuper easy to make and just in time for Easter! The best part: You can recreate this for under $25 in under 25 minutes. Say whaaaaaat?!

What You’ll Need:

Flower pot + saucer (We used a combination of pre-glazed and terracotta pots from Home Depot)
Fast-drying Polycrylic Glaze
Paint brush
Leftover Walls Need Love Wallpaper and Easy Stripe
Walls Need Love Triangle Mini-Pack Wall Decals

DIY in 25: Easy Flower Pot Update via @wallsneedlove


Pre-glazed is definitely the way to go, since half of the work is already done for you. But, if you are using a terra-cotta pot we recommend glazing the pot first so that the decals will stick to the surface. So, first thing's first: glaze that sucker!

DIY in 25: Easy Flower Pot Update via @wallsneedlove

Apply a thin layer of glaze to the pot. Let dry. Then apply a second coat. We used a Polycrylic glaze, but you can also get a high-gloss terra-cotta glaze that comes in an easy to apply spray bottle if that's more your style. 

While your glazed pot is drying start cutting out your shapes in your left over wallpaper. For a more precise cut, create a stencil to trace on the back of the paper before making any cuts you can't take back. If cutting isn't your thing (call me guilty) then you can use one of our pre-cut Mini-Packs to get a similar look.

DIY in 25: Easy Flower Pot Update

 Now it's time to start sticking some love on those pots! Feel free to create whatever design you like. We went for a little triangle tribal feel.

DIY in 25: Easy Flower Pot Update via @wallsneedlove

For the small little blue and white pot, we used our 1" Easy Stripe in white, but if you can also cut stripes of leftover wallpaper to get the same look.

Final step: add your favorite plant and ta da! Three adorable little flower pots to spruce up your space for Easter.

DIY in 25: Easy Flower Pot Update via @wallsneedlove

Seriously, this DIY is SO easy, you could make a whole indoor garden of planters if you wanted. 


March 11, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

5 Must-Have Elements for Recreating the Perfect Southwestern Inspired Nursery

If you’ve been on our Pinterest lately and seen copious amounts of cacti and skull taxidermy, I’m the guilty party. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been one for Western themes, but contemporary-modern furnishings and global inspired elements give the southwestern look an updated sophistication that I just can’t ignore. It possesses an almost whimsical quality even, which is why it’s one of the “it” looks for nurseries in 2016 -- Honestly babies make everything cuter.

1. Keep it earthy

5 Must-Have Elements for Recreating the Perfect Southwestern Inspired Nursery

Earthy neutrals and natural elements are ideal with this modern trend. The neutral element of earth tones bring in a modern western element comparable to the traditional desert aesthetic, while woodgrains add interest and depth to the space. Added bonus: These tones are calming for baby.                           5 Must-Have Elements for Recreating the Perfect Southwestern Inspired Nursery

 Hardwood Removable Wallpaper//Trendy Storefront Wall Mural Decal//Wood Panel Removable Wallpaper

2. Modern Furnishings

5 Must-Have Elements for Recreating the Perfect Southwestern Inspired Nursery

When it comes to furnishing your Southwest inspired nursery keep the furniture modern. It’s the perfect backdrop for the bold prints and complex textures of Southwest decor, which tend to speak for themselves.


3. Plants, succulents and cacti... Oh, My!

5 Must-Have Elements for Recreating the Perfect Southwestern Inspired Nursery @wallsneedlove
The easiest way to get the earthy vibe of the Southwest is to introduce western native plants into the space. But baby + cactus is one combination we don’t recommend making. Luckily, there are several great options to still bring a little green into your kiddos space.

4. Contemporary Lighting

5 Must-Have Elements for Recreating the Perfect Southwestern Inspired Nursery via @wallsneedlove

Since traditional Southwestern textiles and aesthetics can be heavy and overpowering, it’s important to find ways to balance out the room. Streamlined lighting fixtures in mixed metals help to keep the space light and airy. 

5. Rustic Accessories

Another hugely popular element of Southwest decor is rustic pieces. Arrows, feathers, giant animal heads hanging on walls. All of these elements help to create an authentic Southwest aesthetic. If you decide to go the detail route, they’re all baby-friendly. Win-win!

5 Must-Have Elements for Recreating the Perfect Southwestern Inspired Nursery

Flying Arrows Mini-Pack//Long Horn Cow Wall Decal//Falling Feathers Wall Decals

Feeling inspired yet? Shop our entire Southwestern Collection. For more inspiration follow along on our Pinterest

March 10, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

Happy International Women's Day!

International women's day

Today is the day we celebrate the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunt’s, best friends and influential women in our lives. It’s a day when we say thank you to the women that have helped us along the way, loved us, taught us and cheered us on. We recognize the struggles of women across the globe. We support the growth and push for total gender equality.

We stand with the International Women’s Parity campaign “to take concrete action as we all work together to build a better gender-balanced world.” According to the official website, “Studies show that gender-balanced organizations and teams deliver stronger results, and that inclusive societies are more progressive, but ingrained bias slows the progress of equality. Organizations must build cultures where all people feel valued and included and can contribute fully according to their capabilities.” We couldn’t agree more. We have been blessed with an open-minded and capable staff and for that we are grateful.

Happy International Women's Day from Walls Need Love

We are a team made up of women and men who love women. It is our promise to continue to challenge conscious and unconscious gender bias both in our office and in our personal lives.

If you want to join the movement you can do so here. Today we #PledgeForParity.

March 08, 2016 by Elizabeth Moore

Google Series: How Do I Make My Room... Beautiful

Google Series Header

We all know Google’s “autocomplete” function. At some point or another we have all been on the receiving end of some pretty weird predictions like:

Why is my...goldfish turning black?”

What happens when you...fart in a smart car?”

Sometimes I want to w...ithdraw from humanity and live in a cave.”

What if google...was deleted and we couldn't google what happened Google?!”

Or my personal favorite:

I like to...tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would feel like to be a dinosaur.”

I could go on forever. Currently half the office is laugh-crying as we crawl Google for things that Google does when you Google things. (And when I say half the office I, of course, just mean that I am laughing by myself and everyone is looking at me.)

Anyway, we thought we might use this amazing tool and turn it into an awesome teaching experience that actually applies to what we do.

So, without further ado, we introduce you to our new series: “How Do I Make My Room…” And while we can’t help you with search queries like, “How do I make my room not smell bad, we can help with questions like, “How do I make my room feel bigger or “How do I make my dorm room look cooler. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.  

We figured we would start with the most basic of these questions, How do I make my room...beautiful!”

We have a lot of experience with beautiful rooms and most of that experience comes from the incredible photos you guys send in to us and others come from the super cool bloggers we partner with. As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but sometimes it’s just easier to recognize beauty when it’s packaged up in a well put together room with gold accessories, delicate wallpaper and more than a few succulents.

The real secret to a beautiful space is making it expressly your own. Using creative pops of color, statement pieces and even upcycling are all great (and accessible) ways to upgrade your space even if you’re on a budget. Here are some of our favorite examples:

Wallpaper a room! Wallpaper is the obvious choice. It’s dramatic while still be elegant. It easily and quickly (if it’s removable) goes up and changes the entire feel of a room. One of our favorite projects came when we partnered with Megan of Greetings from Texas. She used our Sketch Floral Wallpaper to upgrade her dining room. We loved this project especially because this looks like a real room, like one you would actually live in. Also her post was super funny, here’s a clip to whet your whistle, “Walls are a big part of our country's history if you really think about it; The Berlin Wall,  The Great Wall, OccupyWall Street. Wal-Mart. But I think this  beautiful quote by Lil Jon and The  East Side Boys says it best,  "To the windowwwwww, To the Wall. (To the Wall.) " Touche Lil Jon, touché.” But what did she think about the end result? Did removable wallpaper make her room more beautiful? “For real though, SO. MUCH. BETTER.” I guess so.  

Greetings from Texas enjoying her freshly wallpapered room

Booze! Just kidding. Though drinking enough of it I’m sure would make your space look a lot more appealing...But what we really mean is Makeover a Bar Cart! My bar cart is probably my favorite possession, I got it for $65 at a local used furniture store. Brittni from Paper and Stitch used our Velvet Bananas wallpaper to add a colorful splash to her bar cart. Perfect!

Use removable wallpaper to style an old bar cart via Paper & Stitch


Lastly, Add Details to Everyday Pieces! This seems simple enough. People are always gluing rock to flower pots and spraypainting old beer bottles why not decorate your chairs? That’s exactly what Lovely Indeed did with our easy stripe wall decals. But why limit yourself to chairs, you can put decals on tables or refrigerators, your siblings? You name it, you can stripe it.

   mid-century modern striped chair using Easy Stripe

We want to hear from YOU! What tips and tricks do you use in your home to make your space more inviting?
March 04, 2016 by Elizabeth Moore