September Inspired Recipe: Red Wine and Mushroom Risotto

This is the perfect meal for the transitioning season. It is rich, warm and filling without being overly complicated. Because of the red wine, the final product is purple (and awesome). Risotto may sound intimidating, but anyone that says you can't do this can sit down. It's not a hard recipe at all, but like most great things, it requires work and attention. The great thing about this dish is that you can add anything you want to it. In this version I only use baby bella and white button mushrooms and onion. But you can add just about anything you can think of. My version is vegan as I substitute cheese for nutritional yeast, but parmesan cheese would also do quite well. I also use vegetable instead of chicken stock but either will work, just make sure if you use chicken stock that it's organic. Serve warm with a glass of your leftover wine, perfetto!

Okay let's get to work! 


2 cups arborio rice

1-2 cups red wine of your choice

2-4 cups vegetable or chicken stock 

Giant serving of mushrooms sliced

1-2 onions (either 1 or 2 is your choice)

Large pinch of dehydrated thyme or one large stalk of fresh silver thyme

3 tablespoons nutritional yeast or a handful of parmesan 

2 tablespoon coconut oil

2 large cloves garlic (optional)




You need two pots and one pan for this recipe.

1. In the first pot drop your first tablespoon of coconut oil and begin to brown your onion(s). 

2. In your second pot add the chicken stock and thyme. Cracked pepper to taste but no salt.

3. In the third pan brown your mushrooms with the remaining oil until they are the consistency you most desire (I like mine pretty well cooked which I think goes quite nicely with the risotto). 

4. Add the rice to the first pot with the onion and stir continuously for about 3 min and then add garlic.

5. Drop in your wine over the rice and onion mix. 

6. Once that starts to to absorb, begin adding your stock slowly about a cup at a time or less. Stir the whole time. Some people say you can leave it for a couple minutes but I say just keep stirring, you do not want this to stick.

7. About 3/4 of the way through your stock, add the mushrooms.

8. Do this until it's done! If you run out of stock then just add water or add fresh stock (you wont need to add more thyme to it). You will know it's done because the rice will be slightly "al dente" like pasta.

9. Add nutritional yeast or cheese and salt to taste. (The kind of salt you use matters, pink himalayan is my personal favorite).


Put some sort of pretty leaf or a sprig of thyme on top and look like a boss when you serve your friends this amazing purple dish. You little chef, you!  



September 17, 2014 by Elizabeth Moore

5 Tips and Tricks for Easier Wall Decal Application

You should treat adding EasyStripe, a removable wall mural, removable wallpaper, or any wall decals to your home or apartment just like any other home decorating project. With careful planning, a few simple tools and some helpful hints, your project should turn out looking professional

  • Plan! No really, take a while and plan your project. This can mean anything from measuring your space and plotting your project out on paper, to actually drawing pencil marks on your wall. When you plan your project out in advance—even before you purchase your wall decals or stripes—you are more likely to reduce waste, reduce costs, and reduce your hassle.

Plan your space carefully--polka dots 

Here is a sample plan of a 9.5'x12.5' room with polka dots spaced 1' apart. 

  • Gather your tools. Important tools can include a laser level, painter’s tape, a straight edge (a ruler or the side of a plastic notebook should suffice) and a utility knife. You may also want to use a tape measure and a buddy, because aligning and hanging decals is best done with precision and in groups.

Wall decal application tools

  • Painter’s Tape is your friend. You’re not going to be painting, but you will want to tape your design to the wall before you commit to the stick, especially with all Classic Vinyl wall decals. When applying EasyStripe products, try measuring out how much you need, taping them into place with the paper backing still attached, and then smoothing the product down with the enclosed squeegee.
  • Overlap and score for great seams. Whether you are applying wallpaper or EasyStripe, use the overlap and score method for beautiful corners and seams. Removable wallpaper is designed to overlap ¼” on both sides, which can leave you with dark lines running down your wall. Remedy this by scoring the Fab-Tac in a straight line through both pieces, and lift away the excess from above and below. A similar method can be used for both removable wallpaper and EasyStripe in corners and when making angles with EasyStripe. In the pictures below two different size stripes and two different colors are used so you can see the process.

Apply stripes over one anotherApply stripes over one another

Score stripes with straight edgePeel away excess from top and bottom

Lay stripes flat against one another on your seam

  • Go slowly! Please please please, for the love of all things adhesive, go slowly during both application and removal of decals. Many a wall and design can be saved with a little patience. If you’re unsure about whether your wall will hold the product, order a sample! If you are afraid that the product will take the paint off your wall, order a sample! Please also remember that heat and humidity fluctuations affect the adhesive levels of any product, so think carefully about where you will place your design.
Most of all; enjoy your design. Wall decals are about temporary and fun design. Check out our inspiration and FAQ pages for more ideas or if you have any questions!

In Honor of Grandparents Day: The Story of WallsNeedLove

As grandparents day approaches we all reflect on all the unconditional love (and cookies) our parents' parents have bestowed on us. For WNL this issue is very dear to our hearts. In fact, if it wasn't for one really amazing grandma we might not even be here talking to you now! We asked Ali, our founder, to tell us the story for WNL, so without further ado: 


"In 2009 I was running a mall kiosk, a small business. I started doing photographs on T-shirts and then started doing customized license plates for the front of cars. Since people typically wanted their name or a sports team I started using a vinyl cutting machine to make those. And then after that, I started doing large car decals. In the beginning it was mainly teenagers that wanted stickers for their cars.

Then one day, this little short, probably 60 year old lady, came and said, 'Can you make me a sticker that says, "Grandchildren welcome, parents by appointment"?'

And I thought to myself, that's a funny saying, because I was raised by my grandmother who didn't really like my mom that much, and so I laughed at it and said, 'Yeah, I can make that. You want that for your car?'

She said, 'No, I want that for my wall.'

That's what first sparked the idea. I just thought it was such a cool idea. So, my plan at that time (July) was to start designing wall quotes and then during Christmas, I would open that up in the mall, next to my car stickers. Both were using the same kind of technology, just a different graphic. We opened the booth, and there was a lot of rubbernecking, a lot of 'What's going on here?' They didn't really get it. So I moved the company online! We started with just a couple people and now there are nine of us! It's been really cool watch the company grow and the employees grow with it."


So there you have it! The beginning of WNL. And, yes! We still sell that decal. Check it out! 




September 04, 2014 by Elizabeth Moore

Nursery Design for Modern Babies and Their Parents

Look up the latest design blogs and you see a lot of simplicity—something that doesn’t normally mesh well with the nursery. Where's the simplicity in tripping over tummy time blankets, 2AM feedings, smelling of dirty diapers, and drowning in onesies. Isn’t that what motherhood is like?

Ok, well maybe it’s not that bad, but the fact is that good modern design can mesh with your maternal side. Babies need the same things that adults need: colors, shapes and lines for visual stimulation and textures and patterns for tactile stimulation. Maybe all you need is a little inspiration to get your nursery designs started:

  1. Begin with a neutral. Nearly any color can be a neutral if it’s the correct tone or if you’re using it as a base color. We generally think of white, grey or tans as neutrals, but you can also use pinks, blues or greens as your base tones. Really like hunter green? Paint a wall your favorite shade and design the rest of the room around it, using whites, browns, and other corresponding greens to flush out a forest theme. In the picture below from the blog Russ & Camille, the nursery was left white but accent greens and golds were brought in to a stunning effect--especially those gold confetti dots!

  1. Start small. Modern design tends toward pared down and clean rather than overstuffed and cluttered, which is good for the nursery! You want your baby’s room to be a soothing place for sleeping, not over-stimulating. Simplicity of design means you can focus on a few main colors (2-3 at the most!) and let incidentals like books, toys, and pillows or blankets bring in some brightness for you. In this boy's room from Nest Design Studio (via Design to Inspire), the base is black and white, and secondary objects bring in pops of color, giving the room a graphic yet soothing effect.

Nest Design Studio

  1. Keep it simple. Life complicates itself without putting a whole lot of junk into your design. A few wall stripes, some polka dots or triangle wall decals, or just a few cute framed pictures on a white wall can be enough for you and baby to enjoy the room together. Remember that much of a nursery's life happens in a chair or on the floor, so don't forget to keep those areas in mind when you're designing, as it's easy to focus completely on the walls. Look to the August-September 2014 issue of Adore Home Magazine for more amazing ideas like these:

  1. Use textiles for texture. Sure, you’re going to get a million baby blankets and tons of clothes in all sizes from eensy-tiny to “when will baby be able to wear this?” Your power over the rugs, the upholstery and the bed-liner is key. Remember: this is baby’s first introduction to design, so if you’ve always wanted that cowhide rug, go for it! It’s something your little cowpoke could grow with. Those crib sheets may turn into toddler sheets—if they last that long—so invest wisely.
  2. Take time to plan before you paint. When else in your life are you going to have the time to nest like this, when life is just all about (ok, mostly about) baby? Think and plan, because you’re not going to want to do this again during the terrible twos. Check out some design blogs, and remember that what is good for mom and dad can be good for baby too. You’re going to be spending more (conscious!) time in this room, anyway, so make it a place you’re excited to live in as well!


Need some more visual inspiration? Head over to some of our faves:

A Beautiful Mess—wonderful DIY and design advice

Design Seeds—color combos for inspiration and Fresh Hues for browsing

August 20, 2014 by Tamara Scott

Teachers Love Wall Decals for Classrooms and Home | We've got pictures!

As a former teacher, it’s really difficult for me to get through the Back to School time of year without buying notebooks, pens, and post-its, whether I need them or not. I also loved decorating my classroom. I could imagine the students entering the room that first day and understanding my personality. I wouldn’t even have to say anything!

Now that I’m here at WallsNeedLove, I get to live vicariously through you! We have received some amazing photos from teachers who wanted to share what they have accomplished with their decals. Read on, and be inspired:

Our first examples are from Candice W. She shared pictures of her chalkboard decals and lightning bolt mini-pack decals. The lightning bolts help highlight the Incredible Work her students will complete, and those chalkboards will come in handy as labels or just to write silly notes to students. Thanks for sharing, Candice!


Next, Jessica G. sent pictures of her speech & language classroom, which she decorated in a polka-dot theme (we approve, Jessica, we approve!).  Before the students even walk in the door, they know what to expect with that bright sign. I love how she dressed up her school-issue desk with 2” confetti polka dots. What fun all around, Jessica!

As always, thank you teachers for your dedication! Have a wonderful school year!

Don’t forget to head over to our Inspiration and facebook pages for more ideas and fun. 

August 14, 2014 by Tamara Scott

Wall Decals for Back to School? Organize with Adhesives!

July always gets me excited for Back to School, and yes, it’s got capital letters in my head. The smell of new crayons in the box and post-it notes right out of the pack just gets me all excited to organize! I want to buy five colors of notebooks that coordinate with my five folders (or when I was in high school and college, my five colors of binders).  I almost always buy a new planner at this time of year, especially because in my former life as a teacher, I had plenty of planning to do right about now. I know many of you are planning for yourselves and your little (or not-so-little anymore) ones for the coming school year, so here are some wall-decal based organizational and décor suggestions for your enjoyment:

Bring design to your desk with mini-packs and more.

Just because you spend eight hours in school doesn’t mean you can’t bring your decals with you! Mini-packs are fantastic for decorating your locker, binder, notebooks, and anywhere you want your individual style to shine through. I currently have a pink lil’ribbon on my phone case and my composition book (oh, and my WallsNeedLove sticker). I love that I can remove the decal without leaving a sticky mess on my phone case later.


Dress your dorm and avoid fees!

Bringing classy décor to a dorm room is a college student’s dream, but it’s so difficult to decorate when you can’t paint, hang pictures, or even choose the furniture. You can, however, hang decals. EasyStripe allows dorm-dwellers to re-design their space without any messy clean up at the end of the year. If you’re really into design, why not give your room a statement wall with some removable wallpaper? See what Susan did for her daughter's dorm room below with grey chevrons and a monogram! It’s the easiest way to gain the envy of your hall since dating the quarterback. 

Susan's Dorm Decor

Organize against the chaos, Parents!

Long gone are the lazy days of June, when you could drop the kids off at the pool and hang out at the local coffee shop, sipping on a latte and munching your croissant in peace. It’s July, and all of those back-to-school schedules start back up soon. Soccer practice, baseball practice, violin lessons, and don’t even think about cramming in all that summer reading the kids were supposed to do already. You need somewhere to keep track of it all. Scientists believe the first family bulletin board was a cuneiform mud wall where early moms kept track of schedules, but you’re so much cooler than that. Your to-do list can have the Boston skyline, or a chalkboard in retro colors, or even a dry-erase calendar.  Because progress, that’s why. You’re welcome.

Dry Erase Calendar    

The classroom deserves decals, too.

Is this the third year in a row you’ve been asked to move classrooms? That map of the world getting a little beat up, despite the amazing laminating job you did last year? How’s your periodic table holding up after 15 years of students writing hilarious stuff at the bottom? We’ve got the decals for you. Amazing maps of the world that look cool and are educational, too. A periodic table that’s nearly vandal-proof. All built to move classrooms at the end of the year, again, should the powers that be decide you need to move across the school. Again. And did we mention we have the best human anatomy posters around? Yeah, the kids will be memorizing the parts of the human gastrointestinal system instead of just staring off into space. Nice work!


August 01, 2014 by Tamara Scott

We're Movie Stars!

Ok, so we, meaning the products, are movie stars. I know that many of you have seen, or at least bought a ticket to and cried your way through, the beautiful movie based on the book The Fault in Our Stars. I certainly cried for most of the movie, only perking up when I saw the blue ghost of WallsNeedLove birch forest on the main character's wall. 

Of course, I knew that they would be there, because we'd talked about it, but it was still exciting seeing one of our products on the big screen. Here's a blurry image capture of what they look like:

Birch Forest in The Fault in Our Stars You can see the back of adorable Hazel Grace's head right there, and a poster for Gus's favorite band, The Hectic Glow. I'm proud to say our Birch Forest decals were on the walls in pretty much every scene where Hazel sat at her computer and wrote an email, or whenever anyone came in her bedroom door. It's a dubious honor, because they appear in some seriously sad scenes, but let's face it, the whole movie is sad. I cried for 2 hours straight, y'all. 

Thanks to The Fault in Our Stars Movie Fansite for the sleuthing and image capture! 

July 23, 2014 by Tamara Scott

Decal Fun for Little Ones

Finding creative ways to involve young hands in decorating and crafts can be tricky. You can’t trust them with the Xacto knife yet, and their skills with a glue gun leave something to be desired. That’s why we’ve come up with some kid-tested ideas for you to bring your little pals along with you as you redo every room in your house.

1. Give your cabinets a kick! Spice up those drab and out-dated cabinets with a little EasyStripe. Stripes that overlap and slant give your kitchen or bathroom an abstract modern feel. This project from Hearts and Sharts was completed with electrical tape, but would be removable with decals.

 Cabinet Stripes from Hearts and Sharts Blog 

2. Try design packs on your fridge. That plain black or white monstrosity in your kitchen is just itchin' for some pep. Tiny hands can help you randomly place polka dots in a confetti pattern, or try our reusable Fab-Tac triangles. These can be repositioned in different patterns all over your appliances. EasyStripe can make easy removable stripes on your fridge without the leftover duct tape residue. 

3. When is a door not a door? When it’s a window! Need a way to open up your space? Have your kids help you position (and reposition) our picturesque photo prints or any other Fab-Tac material product on a door. The decal dramatically opens up the space!

4. Practice fine motor skills. EasyStripe is a forgiving medium, and while not reusable, it’s easy to apply in a straight line. Budding crafters and interior decorators learn useful life skills when they learn to apply stripe decals in a straight line! Use wall, appliance, table, door, or bookcase striping as a family activity, or a bonding experience for the two of you. It also won't leave behind any messy duct tape residue or colors, so it's great for renters. We striped our office fridge in about 10 minutes:

WallsNeedLove office fridge stripes

5. Start a removable sticker collection. Remember those Lisa Frank sticker collections you had as a kid? Or maybe you were into the scratch n’ sniff? I collected whatever stickers I could get my hands on, especially if my teachers handed them out. Decals are perfect for awarding gold stars to your little ones! Kids can stick them anywhere: windows, walls, the bedpost, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a gooey mess later.

6. Scrapbookers start young. For those of you with that creative streak and the urge to document every moment: scrapbook with your kids! Sure, it’s a relaxing way to get away from them, but it’s also something you can share. Vinyl stays put on paper, but allows you to change your mind if you’re indecisive. Look no further than the EasyStripe Irregular Grab Bag for loads of inexpensive vinyl that’s perfect for page striping and many other projects. 

Got any other ideas? Share them with us in the comments!
July 03, 2014 by Tamara Scott

Dramatically Changing Your Space W/ $100 or Less!

Okay, we've been there: you really want to shake up your space but you (or your significant other) need it to come in under budget. So we've created a hypothetical situation where you only have $100 to spend but need to make some major changes: You've just moved into a new house and your guest room walls need to be completed in 10 days or less so that your mother-in-law can come visit. You with us? 10 days. 1 mother-in-law. $100. That's it.
Here are ten unique ideas to change your space dramatically...and on a shoestring budget:
The birch trees can be used to complete a room fit for any mother-in-law and come in at only $88 and $73 respectively. 
The 2" confetti polka dots would take, on average, three packs to do a full wall. That will cost you a mere $36. 
Any of the mini design packs can complete a wall in three packs or less which will also cost you no more than $36. 
Easy Stripe, designed to replace the hassle of painting stripes, can complete a wall in under $100 in a slew of ways. In the first example, two rolls- which totals 72 feet of vinyl--will complete a wall for $80. In the second example a 2 inch stripe and a 1 inch stripe will complete a wall for $34. 
Many of our nursery wall decals will cost you only $28 and can be used as a
focal point in any room to complete the look. 
Two of our most popular office quotes can be combined to complete a wall for just $62. 
You can combine SIX total prints from one of our feature artists (seen here: David Olenick) for a total of $56. 
You can take home Banksy's most popular "Love Floats" which would easily cover a whole wall for $55 or you can even combine it with his next most popular "Thinking Monkey" and still have $2 left over. 
Our two most popular trees (both of which EASILY take up an entire wall and are sure to impress even the pickiest in-law) come in under $100 each. 
Want something a little more rustic for mom? Try adhesive taxidermy! Our Spanish Fighting Bull will cost you $32 and leave you plenty of spending money to put a Bull Skull in another room and still have $38 to spend on other decals. 
And you've done it! You've really accomplished something here. Now take your left over budget money and go buy yourself a margarita. You deserve it.
June 20, 2014 by Elizabeth Moore


We’ve made a bunch of changes around the office lately, and of course our focus has been on decorating our walls. Every interior design project is an evolution, but somehow we seem to complicate things. The good news: you get to reap the fruit of our designs! Here's a picture of before (and us being silly in stripes):

The office team

It all started when we decided to set up a space in the office to take professional product videos and photos. This required about a week of painting Chad's office, and then the hallway, and then parts of the warehouse (because if you give a mouse a cookie…). The whole office team got in on the painting game, which was a huge relief! 

The team wearing matching EasyStripe outfits

To brainstorm ideas for our commercials, we watched a lot of videos including those for Society6 and the Sony Music Timeline. Seeing such creative people put their work on the Internet and on their walls inspired us to put our beliefs up on our walls where we can read and live them every day. 




Fast forward another week of painting, cleaning, designing, brainstorming, re-designing, and a lot of squealing when the images started coming together. Finally, applied our designs to the wall! It only took us a few hours (come on, it’s a big wall!). With every completed row, our shouts/squees grew more jubilant.

Our office is now a triple-threat: we work with some of the most creative people in the business, we're all super dedicated to making beautiful things, and we get to spend every day in an inspiring space!

Take a look at all the new designs here: Office Collection

June 02, 2014 by Tamara Scott